Col 1:16 For by him (Christ), all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible…
by him and for him.

Our God is a creative God. He created the earth and the stars. He created all the animals and all the
fish. He created all people including us. Everything God created is good (1Ti 4:4). While we have
corrupted parts of creation, His original creation was good and He will return it to its perfect state. Isn’t
it amazing how He created everything unique and different yet with patterns and systems that hold
things together? It is easy to see His creative hand everywhere.

God also doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). So that means He is
still creating. We know that He has changed us. When we accepted Jesus, He made us new. He creates
in us a renewed mind and a clean heart. So what is God creating in you?

In these days that everything is in flux, we can feel shaken and unsure of who we are. Maybe our
identity was closely tied to our job and that has been taken away. Or hardships have come upon us and
we wonder where God is during this time.

During tough times, it helps to look for God’s creative handiwork in us and in those around us. When we
are no longer in our routines, we are more open for God to work in us. Is He teaching you to rely on Him
for all things? Is He developing patience in you or resilience? Maybe He is sparking in you the desire to
help those in need and to become more like Him.

Hard times will come and go. But God can use them to mature you if you let Him. Look to Him this
week and see what He is doing in your life. Let Him be creative in your circumstances and in you.

Brad Dunn