40 Day Prayer Challenge

During our “When You Pray” message series, we are doing a 40 day prayer challenge to help each of us take the next step in our personal growth in prayer. We are also taking questions about prayer that we’ll try to answer in our last message of the series. If you have a question you’d like to submit, click the Question button below. If you have a story of how God has answered a prayer during the 40 days, click the Story button!

40 Days of Prayer Challenge

Each day from Sept 9 to Oct 18, what if you prayed for 3 things?

1) One thing for yourself

2) One thing for someone else

3) One thing for CityLight (choose one!)

  • For us to reach more people who need Jesus.
  • For us at CL to grow in our faith and in our love for each other.
  • For us to make a greater impact in our wider community.
  • Or something you choose!

Week 1 Bonus Challenge:

Talk to God once a day about life. Tell him about your day. That’s it!