Partner Teams

At CityLight we care about connecting people’s faith with action and purpose. We also care about people making friends and doing life together. Partner Teams is one of the ways we try to do both! Check out the list below to see if any of the teams interest you and fit your gift mix. Some teams obviously have a longer “on ramp” period than others, and some require more skill and training, but regardless, if you are interested, please reach out for more information by clicking the button below!

  • CityLight Worship Team
  • CityLight Kids and Tots
  • CityLight Youth
  • Hospitality Team
  • Photography Team
  • Practical Needs Team
  • Prayer Teams
  • Safety Team
  • Setup and Teardown
  • Small Group Leadership
  • Sound and AV Team
  • Sunday AM Experience Team
  • Video and Graphic Design Team