Partner Teams

You'd Make a Great Teammate

At CityLight we are all about connecting people’s faith with action and purpose. Partner Teams are just one of the ways we do this!

Why Partner Teams?

Partner Teams serve three purposes:

  • to create space for your purpose, passion, and gifts to be realized and utilized
  • to build friendships
  • to serve others together

How Do I Join?

Before joining a partner team, we ask that you attend Starting Point. Even if you haven’t yet, let us know which you are interested in (in box to right) and we’ll connect you with the leader!

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Which team interests you?

  • CityLight Band
  • CityLight Kids and Tots
  • CityLight Youth
  • Hospitality Team
  • Outreach and Community Team
  • Photography Team
  • Practical Needs Team
  • Prayer Teams
  • Safety Team
  • Setup and Teardown
  • Small Group Leadership
  • Sound and AV Team
  • Sunday AM Experience Team
  • Video and Graphic Design Team