Fear is inevitable. We all face it – sometimes daily! Starting a new job. Ending a relationship. Trying something new. The safety of your kids.  Your future. Financial insecurity… Breathing harder yet? We want to do more than just get by in life right? But fear often stands in the way! If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us this fall as we face our fears together, and learn how to be brave.

People are searching. What will they find when they look to you? You have a story and someone desperately needs to hear it. You have a story worth sharing. And it all begins and ends with how we treat one another.

Like thousands of others who saw The Greatest Showman, we were moved by the songs and themes of the movie: Dreaming big. Not settling for less. Discovering what’s important in life. Grappling with the desire for more that we all feel at times. Facing rejection. Feeling like an outcast. Overcoming your past. Join us as we discover together God’s hope that we each live The Greatest Life!


This summer, thousands of people will pack into theaters to watch make-believe heroes do impossible things.The movies have made heroes seem completely untouchable. If you want to be a hero you need to have special powers, maintain a secret identity, have some horrible crisis in your past, and wear clothing that is way too tight. But these heroes actually do no one any real good in the real world. To be a real hero – to make a difference in the real world – is actually much more attainable. In fact, hidden inside us all, is the potential to be Everyday Heroes.


Jesus tells us it is “better to give” – but is it, really? These three weeks we’ll explore what generosity is, the benefits of being a generous person, and how to be generous on a regular basis.

Questions about God and faith range from the big existential ones, to the intimate personal ones, and everything in between. During this series we are going to address some of the questions people at CityLight have submitted. While we know we can’t answer them all fully, we hope to bring some light and hope from Jesus to these important questions.