What to Expect


We are so excited you are thinking of joining us at CityLight. We know that coming to church for the first time can be intimidating. We hope knowing what to expect will help a little. We are excited to meet you!

Sunday Morning Schedule


Kids and Youth
If you are a family coming with kids and/or teens, our goal is for your kids to absolutely love their time at CityLight. To read more about their experiences, please click here for kids, and here for teens. 


10-10:30 – Worship
We start with three songs to connect our hearts to the love of God, and to “dial down” from the rat race of life. Our hope is that every person is able to experience God’s love for them, regardless of where they are on their faith journey.


10:30-11:00 – Message
We try to keep our messages relevant, helpful, and practical. The hope we find in Jesus is something we truly believe in. We are excited to share with you how it continues to transform our lives for the better. We attempt to take the timeless truths of the Bible, and show how they are profound, meaningful and helpful in our daily lives.


11:00-11:15 – Response Time
Rather than rush out, we provide some time to reflect on what has been said, what God has been doing in your heart, or to get some prayer. We will sing two final songs together, and end with prayer.


Online Church Schedule

We begin our livestream at 10am on Facebook and YouTube. We follow the same schedule as the In Person Service.  We truly believe that the Online Church is part of the Sunday experience. Our goal, if we can, is to help you feel like you are participating with church, not just watching it! For kids at home, you can check out our Right Now Media page for an amazing library of kids resources.

Learn More

You may specific questions about certain areas that pertain to your life, family, or experience. Below are some links you may find helpful. Or you can just email our pastor – Christian Dunn through our Connect Card. He’ll get back to you right away!