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In between series of teachings we normally have a few “standalone teachings.” Check out these two that we shared during the month of February!

So what do YOU think about the supernatural? IS there more to reality than what you can see, feel, and touch? Does it even matter? What about miracles, are they real? How about evil, darkness, or Satan? To kick off 2020 we are addressing questions about the supernatural that many people wonder about but may be afraid to ask.

Sometimes at CityLight we do one-off teachings that are not part of a series. This week is one of those weeks. Enjoy!

We all know the main plot line: two Jewish teens end up in Bethlehem with a baby and a bunch of angels and shepherds. But have you ever wondered what it was like behind the scenes for the people in that story? And even more, how does that inform your life and the journeys you may find yourself on? Join us this Christmas for a look behind the scenes of the Christmas story and how it can profoundly impact your life now.

In a world with far too many opportunities to say something we regret, what principles can help us to steer clear of those painful moments, and instead lean into saying things we’ll be proud we said?

This week we are doing a standalone teaching that isn’t part of a longer series. Read more about it under the teaching title.

You probably grew up hearing and saying the Lord’s Prayer at funerals, Mass, and other public forums. But what does it mean to you, if anything? Despite the fact that an overwhelming number adults pray on a regular basis, many of us are still left with questions. Is there a “right” way to pray? How often should I pray? Why does prayer seem to work sometimes and not others? When I do pray why does it feel like I’m talking to myself, or that God doesn’t care?

This month at CityLight, we’d like to invite you to join us as we spend 6 weeks discovering the deep meaning that the Lord’s Prayer has for each of us today. We believe that everyone can pray, and that it’s easier and more personal than it is sometimes made out to be. So if you are curious about how to pray, or want to learn more about how prayer could be part of your life, join us this month at CityLight!

Once in a while we do a standalone teaching that isn’t part of a series. Read under the title to learn more about it!

Guardrails are everywhere – we just don’t notice them. That is, until we need them! This series we will discuss how we need to establish some guardrails in life, to ensure we get to where we hope we are going safely! (Credit: This series originated with Andy Stanley and Northpoint Church. It so greatly impacted our lives, that we want to share it, along with our own perspectives, with CityLight!)

Once in a while we do a stand alone teaching that is not part of a series. This week was one of those weeks! How are we led?

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Have you ever felt like God uses other people, but not you? Have you ever felt like you are too weak, too insecure, too damaged, or just too normal to be used by God? What if you became convinced that those people are exactly who God uses all the time. All through the Bible, God uses the unlikely to do the unexpected. He uses the weak to be strong, the hurting to bring healing, and the broken to bring comfort. Even if you feel like you’ve been born with all kinds of advantages, you know that the mercy God has shown you is something you can offer others in a profound way. This series we will be exploring how God uses Misfits – ordinary people like you and me – to partner with him in the great adventure to change the world – one person, and one moment at a time.

Most of the time in life we feel like we are just moving from one obligation to another. How did all of these things on our to do list and our schedules get here? Did we even choose them? Do you ever feel like you are serving your schedule rather than the other way around? Do you end your day feeling exhausted and wondering if you did anything that mattered? This month we want to reconnect with purpose, meaning, and passion in our everyday lives. We will be offering practical steps to Get Your Life Back that anyone can do. Are you ready for a change?

What if this is just the beginning? What if everything you have learned and experienced up to this point isn’t culminating in where you ARE, but is preparation for where you GOING. These two weeks we will focus on the message of hope and newness that we find in the story of Easter!

Selfies, likes, retweets, upvotes…our current culture is obsessed with creating ways to find the affirmation we all crave. A side effect of this is that we’ve become more focused on ourselves maybe than ever before. We care too much what people think of us. Too easily our sense of self worth gets tied to our performance in social media. Jesus teaches something so contrary to this culture, that its hard to even understand how it fits. He tells us that in order to follow him, we must deny ourselves. What does that look like in today’s culture? Can we find freedom from our addiction to self, and learn the way of surrender? Can we bring a death to selfie?

We’ve all been hurt. We’ve suffered setbacks and disappointments. We’ve done things we wish we could undo, and not done things we regret not doing. But how often do we let our past interfere with our future? How often do we hesitate, hold back, second guess, or fall into an old pattern, because we are stuck in our past pain and failures. What if God has something new for us? What if in God, we can become unstuck, and find a time of new hope and life and freedom?

What are the most common issues and questions that keep people from faith in Jesus? What issues act as barriers instead of bridges to faith and community? This month we’ll be talking about 5 issues that author and pastor Mark Clark identifies in his book The Problem of God, and addressing with the hope of helping all of us – skeptic and believer alike – understand our faith better!

Jesus often said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” What are you listening to this Christmas season? There are plenty of sounds everywhere we go – Christmas music, commercials, deals, the voices of family and friends…but in the din of all the holiday noise, are we missing the Voice that our hearts truly need to be hearing? This Christmas we will talk about the message of Christmas we all NEED to hear: The voice of a Savior who offers you Significance, Hope, and Love.

Is it hard for you to relate to a God you can’t see? Have you ever struggled to feel close to God? Maybe you were taught at some point that faith was mostly about just “being good.” Or maybe you were told to “just believe” even if you had questions you didn’t understand. Those comments just aren’t satisfying the desire you feel for something more, something life changing, something that answers that deep curiosity and longing in your heart. This series we will discuss five practical life practices that can help to close the distance between us and God.

Parenting Matters Seminar

Parenting young kids is one of the most challenging things we do in life. Ever feel like you’d like to have some advice? Maybe a few helpful pointers? This night we had lots of fun and also heard three ‘TED Talk’ style talks about practical advice for parenting young kids. If you’ve got kids, we think these three talks will be encouraging and helpful!

Fear is inevitable. We all face it – sometimes daily! Starting a new job. Ending a relationship. Trying something new. The safety of your kids.  Your future. Financial insecurity… Breathing harder yet? We want to do more than just get by in life right? But fear often stands in the way! If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us this fall as we face our fears together, and learn how to be brave.

People are searching. What will they find when they look to you? You have a story and someone desperately needs to hear it. You have a story worth sharing. And it all begins and ends with how we treat one another.

Like thousands of others who saw The Greatest Showman, we were moved by the songs and themes of the movie: Dreaming big. Not settling for less. Discovering what’s important in life. Grappling with the desire for more that we all feel at times. Facing rejection. Feeling like an outcast. Overcoming your past. Join us as we discover together God’s hope that we each live The Greatest Life!


This summer, thousands of people will pack into theaters to watch make-believe heroes do impossible things.The movies have made heroes seem completely untouchable. If you want to be a hero you need to have special powers, maintain a secret identity, have some horrible crisis in your past, and wear clothing that is way too tight. But these heroes actually do no one any real good in the real world. To be a real hero – to make a difference in the real world – is actually much more attainable. In fact, hidden inside us all, is the potential to be Everyday Heroes.


Jesus tells us it is “better to give” – but is it, really? These three weeks we’ll explore what generosity is, the benefits of being a generous person, and how to be generous on a regular basis.

Questions about God and faith range from the big existential ones, to the intimate personal ones, and everything in between. During this series we are going to address some of the questions people at CityLight have submitted. While we know we can’t answer them all fully, we hope to bring some light and hope from Jesus to these important questions.