1 John 4:4
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.


Have you ever played a game with a kid? What do you do? Usually (if you are nice) you hold back a little right? I remember letting my kids beat me in all sorts of athletic games. As they got older and better, I would allow myself to play harder. This used to make my son Elliot really mad. He really wanted me to play my hardest. If I did, I had absolutely no concern that he would beat me.

Why? Because the skill in me was just greater than the skill in him. Now, of course, that is no longer true – and even when I try my hardest he beats me 🙂

This is a great picture of what this verse tells us about the spiritual reality of being a follower of Jesus. When we face anxiety, fear, and worry – this is one of those promises of God we need to hold onto. God in us is greater! Greater than our fear. Greater than our worry. Greater than our weakness.

This is one the amazing benefits of being a follower of Jesus! When we face hardship, trial, or stress of any kind – we can call out to Jesus who fills us with strength, wisdom, and peace. Jesus told us that when he left he would send us the Holy Spirit to “help” us and “fill” us in his absence. We can, at any point, in any day, in any circumstance, DRAW ON the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside every believer.

I know that can sound mystical to those of us who are maybe new to following Jesus, or maybe are still investigating his life and teaching. That’s ok if it feels mystical. There certainly is a mystical (I would use the world “spiritual”) quality about the living God. And one of these great spiritual mysteries is that he loves his children enough to actually impart his Spirit into us so we can overcome the trials of this world. In some mysterious way – God’s Spirit dwells IN us. And that same Spirit is meant to empower us, and fill us, and lead us!

So be encouraged! Next time you face down something that is overwhelming you or overpowering you, remember that God in YOU in greater – and call on his help and strength!


Jesus help me to not only remember that your Spirit fills me, but that I can call on you to strengthen me. Even right now, I take a moment to stop what I’m doing, and I ask that you would fill me with your peace. In Jesus name Amen!