Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know the I am God.”


What does it really mean to “be still”? In an ever-changing and incredibly busy world, it is difficult to remember to be present and soak in the moments. At times, we make it much more challenging for ourselves. We have our work responsibilities, our in-home priorities, and then we say “yes” to many social-related activities, and thus overextend ourselves.

When time is devoted to quiet moments, the rewards are BIG. So what did Jesus mean when he told us to “be still”, and take it one step further, acknowledge that He is God? It takes intention to stop moving. It takes courage to trust Jesus will show you His will even through the chaos and the storms. Committing at least thirty minutes to quiet time with Him is a really good place to start. It not only takes bravery to face our fears, our concerns, our worries, but also to chill, to listen, to digest His words and His promises. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves, He is God, and He knows best.

These peaceful moments could be combined with music, a cup of joe, a comfy chair, the sounds of nature outside, your favorite coffee shop, or even in your car between appointments. Have a consultation with the absolute best advice-giver.


Jesus I pray you will guide us toward a balanced schedule, one with you at its focus. Thank you for your promise to take care of us and to provide for us in ways we cannot imagine. Lead us to calm. Help us to find peaceful times with you so we can fully know and trust our next steps.