Psalm 46:1 – God says, “Be still and know that I am God.”


There were times when my kids were little that they would get so upset, that they would have a really hard time calming themselves down. They would have all this upset energy, sometimes manifesting in anger or tears. I remember a few of these moments, just sitting down with them and holding them tight. They’d be wanting to escape for the first few seconds, but I would just hold them. And whisper a prayer to God in their ear. If they wanted to hear what I was saying they had to BE STILL and BE QUIET. Gradually they’d just melt into my arms and relax.

This verse reminds me of this. Sometimes I think we are just so active, or so upset, or so anxious, or so troubled, or so stressed, that we just CAN’T FEEL OR  HEAR GOD. And God wants to “wrap his arms around us” if we could just manage to be still and be quiet. Even for a few moments.

Yesterday was a day like this for me. I was so upset about some things that were really stressing me about this Friday’s event. I want it to be amazing, and I was just letting worry get the best of me. In the moment I was thinking, “it’s way easier to talk about peace when you are AT PEACE – but it’s way harder to practice trusting God for peace when you are actually very stressed.”

It was a journey yesterday. As I’d get my mind worked up, I would pray. I started with a basic prayer of surrender, “OK God – I’m going to trust you. I don’t have to control this. Please help. I give this event to you.”

By the end of the day I was praying more proactive prayers I noticed, “God I pray that people would come to this event who need you in their lives! I pray that we’d meet them and they’d feel welcomed and join us on Sunday!”

I felt the progression throughout the day as I continued to make the conscious effort to STILL my thoughts. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Say that to yourself today. Allow those words to seep into your heart and spirit like dye through a cloth. Soak in the reality that he is with you and he is good. Be still. Even just for a moment. A realize he is with you.


God I choose to be still. (breathe…..breathe…..wait…..) Thank you that you are with me.