“He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


My grandmother, who we called Nanny, died at the end of October. She was 88 years old and if you had the privilege of meeting her, she left a mark on your heart. Nanny had a huge role in helping raise my sisters and me. One of the many things she would tell me is something I cling to now. She used to say, “ Be a friend of change.” My disposition tends to be an anxious one. Knowing that, Nanny would take the time to remind me that all things change. She was born at the end of the Great Depression and lived through some of the effects of that time. She lived through various wars and recessions. She lived through various family crises, friend’s passing, family members passing and so on. What I didn’t “get” as a kid was how wise those words were.

We had no idea cancer had raged inside Nanny, and neither did she. I spoke with her two days before she found out about the cancer. That long conversation I hold so close to my heart. I don’t remember much of it because it was just normal life talk. She wanted to hear about our kids and she loved funny stories. So we cackled and cracked up at the expense of my kids (that’s what good parents do! Make fun of their kids! HA!). One thing was for sure, when you talked to Nanny at some point, she was going to talk about God. It was never, “ in your face,” it was always woven in like some kind of Christian genius! You would be talking about making dinner and without even knowing it you were talking about God in some way. It was so loving and such an incredible gift of hers.

The one thing I remember so clearly about that conversation was a statement she made and it was this, “Mandy, you know what’s funny? I have never questioned the Bible. If it said it, I just believed it. Now, how wonderful is that?” While many of you reading this will think that is absurd and maybe even irresponsible, for me, it was, and is comforting. This tiny 5’1” woman packed a Godly, powerful punch. She was fierce in her faith, and her life was a loving example of that faith. You see she had learned that, “Be a friend of change” meant change will come in this life so embrace it, but remember that if your foundation is established in God we are guaranteed He will not change. She pressed home to us to cling to His words and stand firm on Scripture. It is the ONE thing that will stand the test of any change life will inevitably bring.

Hebrews 13:8, says, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” That verse is so comforting and can bring such peace. While all will change around me, whether it be good or bad, He never will change. Is that your source of comfort and strength today? What a perfect time to dive into His never changing Word. To seek Him in a way maybe you never have before! Things are changing hourly in this world right now. One thing will remain the same, without any change… Jesus.

Maybe you need to press into the Bible and really seek the peace He has for you? There are TONS of resources for you out there! And what an opportunity it is right now we all have during this crazy time, we can seek Him! It could be the perfect time for you to “lean not on your own understandings, but in ALL your ways acknowledge Him and HE will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5.)

We all need a “Nanny” in our lives. Someone who challenges us in our faith. Who lovingly won’t accept our excuses but will challenge us to seek His face. I am still not a huge fan of change hahaha, but my soul now knows beyond measure, He stands the test of time. He will not change. He is my security and in Him I find my hope.