Matthew 6:34, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”


Before the corona virus, life had a seeming certainty to it. Each day we would follow our routine of going to work or school. We would go to the grocery store to get our food. Worries would be about longer term things like money for the kids for college or our retirement. Are we eating right for our long term health. Now everything has changed. We can’t get away from the worry and stress about sickness, job security, and separation from family and friends.

During difficult times, I have always had a problem with thinking about the future and worrying about the possible problems I may have to face. What if this lasts longer than a few weeks or months? What if I get really sick or those in my family get sick? All my comforting routines are gone and all that I see is the unknown.

Many of us have gone through difficult times in the past. For me, I had years of caring for my wife who suffered with significant illnesses. While it was terrible for her, it was also difficult for me. Finally the only way I could deal with the unknown was to understand that God is there for us every day and has given us grace only for the day at hand. Looking forward into the unknown is stressful and worrisome and I really can’t control tomorrow. And I never could.

So I have found that giving the future over to God and asking for my daily “bread” of his grace, his mercy, and his love is what will clear my mind and reduce my worries. Knowing daily that he is in control of today and also my future and that however it goes he will walk me through it. When I focus on today and what I can do today, the worries of tomorrow fade away. Jesus told us in Matthew 6:34, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” There will be grace for you tomorrow to deal with the troubles of tomorrow. Focusing on today, with God’s help, will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.