Colossians 2:2
“I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ, God’s great mystery.”

Have you ever looked at the strength of woven fabric? It has order and consistency. The pattern of the threads falls in and out of itself as it weaves in to a cloth. Some fabrics are so tightly woven that light can barely leak through and its strength is incredibly dependable. Other fabrics are loosely knit with gaps creating weakness and making their strength debatable.

Life is like fabric. When it feels like life’s events are non-threatening and dependable I feel well-rooted and cared for… Like a strong fabric is holding me up. But when it feels like things are unpredictable, or unsafe, I often feel as though the fabric I depended on is full of loose holes and I can’t help but fall though. In those moments I often envision a broken tethering strap… frayed, flapping in the wind, and very much alone.

As a Christian rooted in Jesus’ love, purpose, and strength, I often think I should feel so grounded, and hemmed in by His love. But I sometimes I just TOTALLY don’t… I just feel untethered and abandoned. And the work it takes to get back to seeing life through His love is hard.

Jesus said that this life would be hard. He told His disciples to be prepared for hardship, but to always remember He overcame all the hardest things this world could throw at us. And He gives us the power of the Holy Spirit to endure what seems unbearable. And strangely enough He shows up when it seems we are abandoned. Right now is no exception. Our wills, patience, and strength can be tested daily as the world around us puts more constraints on our time, hearts, and minds.

How is your fabric looking? Do you need the fibers to be pulled together tighter? Do you need the tethering strap to have a clip sewn back on and locked into something secure to steady you in these winds? There is a multi-dimensional set of resources you can be sewn into. You do not have to weather this storm alone. If your fabric feels weak reach out and seek strength outside of yourself. Call friends. Join a small group. Ask for prayer. Grab your Bible and start seeking the wisdom and strength you are longing for… The wisdom and strength that God provided to help keep His people hemmed in.

My prayer is that you can rest on the tightly woven truth of Jesus. Pray for Him to reveal this truth to you… He loves to give us what we need when we seek Him for guidance!

Mindy Kempista