Acts 20:35  It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Have you said recently, “I’ve had enough of this!”?    Is social distancing and staying at home making you irritable?   It’s so easy to let our emotions in this difficult time take over and spiral us down into unhappiness and despair.  

Recently I have been taking a course online on the Science of Well-Being.  I’ve been learning about what makes people happy.  Things like more money, a better car or losing weight all seem like they should make us happier but studies show that this is temporary at best and sometimes makes us less happy.  

So what works.   One important activity that truly makes us happier is being kind and generous to others.  Giving of our time and making a social connection with another person not only improves our mood, it makes us healthier!  While it may be harder to do that now, it is possible to spend time with others virtually.   Giving of our resources also is shown to make us happier.  Being kind and helping others in need gives us purpose and meaning that is hard to find elsewhere.  

I’m sure you have heard that it is better to give than receive.  I didn’t believe that when I was young.  What little kid doesn’t love getting presents.  But now I find this scripture to be so true.  And it is not hard to see the need, especially today.   

So if you are feeling down today, reach out and talk to someone.  They may really need your touch of kindness.  And consider the outreach efforts that CityLight is doing to help those in need.  You can get involved through shopping or sorting food items or by donating for others to buy food.  You will be helping families in need and you will be blessed and happier.

Brad Dunn