Verse: John 12:27-28
27 “Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. 28 Father, glorify your name!” Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”

Series: “Things Jesus Said” from the book of John.

Jesus knew where he was headed and he knew why. At the time of these verses in chapter 12 of the book of John, Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to celebrate the symbolic Passover feast with his disciples. After that, he knew that he would become the ultimate Passover lamb by dying a horrible death by crucifixion and enduring the pain of all our sin.

Admittedly, Jesus said that his soul was troubled by what he faced. What lay ahead for Jesus was not only an incredibly painful death, but also the terrible burden of our sin, which separates a person from God. Jesus thought how he might ask God the Father to change things. Yet, instead of a reprieve, he asked God to use this situation to give glory to His own name – to show people how amazing God the Father truly is. 

How did Jesus have the strength to do this? Because, like he said, he was and is one with God – a relationship that is unbreakably strong and so incredibly wonderful. This relationship allowed Jesus to know exactly why he was on his journey – to glorify the name of God the Father, whom Jesus knew so well to be loving, kind, merciful, beautiful, powerful, and awesome.

As I’m looking to apply Jesus’ example in these verses to my own life, I realize that I often get mixed up and forget God’s purpose for me – the “why” I am living. Without God (The Father, Jesus, and his Holy Spirit), I live my life for my own comfort and personal gain. I focus on myself and end up unsatisfied.

Do you ever see that happening in your life too? If so, it’s encouraging to know that Jesus shows us all the “why” of life. The true reason that we are here is to have a relationship with God where we can see how good and wonderful he is (his glory). Then, the reason “why” we live our lives is so clear – to share that glory with everyone around us. The Father has been so good to forgive us, through Jesus, and to call us his own children. He’s so awesome and amazing to create the sky, the ocean, the mountains, plants and animals, the sun, moon, and stars. He himself shines even brighter than the sun. Why wouldn’t we want to share about someone as good and glorious as Him?

As a closing thought, think about what happened in verse 28 of John 12. Fascinatingly, when Jesus asked God the Father to glorify his name, the Father responded. He miraculously spoke in a voice from heaven to earth. He said that, indeed, he would glorify his name, by showing everyone his greatness through what Jesus was about to do. For us today, we can know this … if  we ask for God a relationship where we can see his glory, if we ask him to use us for his glory like Jesus did, then we can have faith – God the Father will respond. He will speak to us (sometimes boldly in amazing ways and sometimes quietly through the Holy Spirit) and he will use us. It’s what he’s all about – amazing relationships that reveals his glory.

Father, help us to remember why we are here. Help us to come to you for relationship, with thanks for all that you have done in saving us and giving us a new life. Help us to see your glory and to share that glory with everyone around us. Amen.

Author: Chris Fraser