Verse: Hebrews 13:1
Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.

The writer of Hebrews has finished their big thought of the last couple chapters and moves into some rapid fire “one-off” thoughts. What sticks out to me in this one are the words “keep on loving.”

I love the idea that loving our fellow believers is long term. It’s not easy. It takes perseverance. It requires commitment. Keep on loving one another. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Even when the people in your life are difficult to love – keep on loving them.

Keep on Loving With Words
Think about the power of our words. One way to keep on loving each other is to speak words of love to the people in our life.  We can be intentional with our words, or we can be careless. What words of encouragement, love, edification, and comfort can we speak on a regular basis to the people closest to us?

Keep on Loving With Action
How can we show each other love? We all know that love is more than words. So with the people in your life, how can you show them love? How can you be there for someone to support them just with your presence? How can you serve someone who needs help? How can you give someone a gift that will show them your love? What about the people closest to you? Often they go overlooked!

Resist Being UN-loving
One more thought. The idea that we “keep on loving” assumes that we can “stop loving.” We can move in the opposite direction. We can be UN-loving. I find that our circumstances often drive us to this. When we are stressed, tired, underappreciated, short on time, or frustrated with the way things are going—we tend to take it out on the people around us. When we react with impatience, short tempers, and thoughtless words, we communicate a very strong message.

This all sounds so simple right? But of course it’s not. That’s why the author needed to remind us. KEEP. ON. LOVING. Don’t give up. Because loving each other is always worth it. And loving each other is one way we experience the love and presence of God.

Help me to embody your love to the people around me, God.

Author: Christian Dunn