Verse: Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

This is so simple, but it’s a powerful thing to hold on to. Today I read a devotion about how third century Christians would seek out the desert in Egypt in order to ground themselves in relationship with God, in order to put aside the things that pulled them away from God in their everyday lives. They were determined not to lose their footing in the rushing river that was (and remains) the expectations and values of society.

We are 21st century Christians, still fighting that same fight. Swimming upstream in a society that has a lot of things to say, constantly bombarding us with expectations and values that we must sift through and examine.

And through more than 2 thousand years, Jesus is still the same. He was the same before that. He will remain the same beyond time. Through all of the changes in society’s norms and ideals, we have a rock solid God, who’s truth is immutable. Who loves us, and desires for us to live a life of great abundance. He never changes, and he never will. He is good. And His love endures forever.

Jesus, you are the only thing I can truly rely on. Your faithfulness is beyond my ability to comprehend, but I am grateful for it. Teach me to be like you. Amen.

Author: Emily Costa