Colossians 2:9-12 (New Life Version)
9 For Christ is not only God-like, He is God in human flesh. 10 When you have Christ, you are complete. He is the head over all leaders and powers. 11 When you became a Christian, you were set free from the sinful things of the world. This was not done by human hands. You were set free from the sins of your old self by what was done in Christ’s body. 12 When you were baptized, you were buried as Christ was buried. When you were raised up in baptism, you were raised as Christ was raised. You were raised to a new life by putting your trust in God. It was God Who raised Jesus from the dead.

What would you do differently if you found out you had super powers? Imagine the many ways you could change the difficult circumstances that others suffer in. And how your own circumstances would change… Wouldn’t your life become easier? Wouldn’t you do things differently on a daily basis?

We may not have super powers per say, but we have been transformed through the supernatural power of salvation, and we have the opportunity to become the best version of who we can be through Christ dwelling within us. It is not always a 180 degree shift in who we are. It is a shift IF WE LET GOD CHANGE US.

We have to be willing to let go of the sinful/carnal things we would rather give in to/live by, and instead seek Him in prayer asking Him to help us surrender and become more like Him. We don’t have superpowers but the God we believe in does. Our world can’t explain a changed heart. It can’t explain miraculous healing. But when we trust in Jesus we know He can do those things and has proven that He has!

These verses remind me that we are a part of something way bigger than ourselves. When the author of Colossians writes, “When you have Christ, you are complete” we should be relieved because we are on the side that has already done the work and we have access to wholeness. We are reminded that we are already equipped and ready to take on life’s circumstances. Through Christ, the rebirthing of our lives leaves us complete and we can handle way more than we thought!

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving us enough to do the hard work so that we can change. Please guide and direct the deep places of our hearts that need to surrender to you. Remind us of your power, Lord, and your deep love that changes the world and the hearts of humankind. Give us the confidence to forge ahead in to the best version of ourselves because you have done the work to make us compete. May the work You do in each us grow us in to the people who love like you do. Amen

Author: Mindy Kempista