Passage: Acts 12

Long ago at the beginning of the church, Peter and the other disciples were being hunted down, imprisoned, and shunned for their faith. Some were martyred. Some saw miracles. And even some of those in power, like Herod, perished by God’s hand. And yet in all of the madness the word of God carried on to us… Here and now… to this day.

When I read this chapter in Acts I am reminded about the persecuted church around the world. How people will remain faithful to the truth of Jesus regardless of the punishment they endure. Even today people are being imprisoned for their faith, trust, and belief in Jesus. In countries where Christianity is a threat to the society’s belief system as a whole, believers who remain there are share their faith, go into hiding, and meet secretly to worship the one true God of Truth. Is America a place where we will face persecution as we become the few among a society that wants more to do with what they create rather than their Creator? Maybe, only God knows for sure.

But what matters is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1). That can be hard to do when we haven’t seen the miracles the disciples saw or performed… When we haven’t been imprisoned and released to just walk out while an angel leads the way… Or when we haven’t witnessed Jesus in the flesh allowing us to feel His scarred hands after He died. It’s been thousands of years since the days of Jesus on the earth, and yet… Here we are following His teachings and leaning in faith on the stories we read in the Bible.

We can do this because we have a hope. An enduring hope. The Hope.

And even though we don’t see the miracles we somehow know their truth. When I think about how Peter was protected in prison and released to do more that God had for him, I am encouraged knowing that God has more for each of us no matter what is to come.

Lord, equip us as we walk through this ever-changing world. Enlighten us with YOUR wisdom in this world that believes it can solve its own problems. Help us to turn to You when we are weary. And remind our hearts where peace comes from… and lead us back to you each day. Thank you, Jesus, for always meeting us where we are… Amen

Author: Mindy Kempista