Verse: Acts 19:8,9,11
Acts 19:8 – Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly there for three months
Acts 19:9 – So Paul left them
Acts 19:11 – God did extraordinary miracles through Paul

I love that Paul is a man on a mission and does things whole-heartedly. If you look all through the New Testament where he’s describing his adventures, or when other people discuss him, you see a clear pattern of a very bold and outspoken (possibly crazy) dude living an extreme life.

There are so many good characters in the Bible, and not everyone is so flashy and bold as Paul. Some people are made to live a peaceful and contented life. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! But not everyone is called to that. Some are called to be bold, like Paul.

Maybe today you need to hear that it’s OK to be like Paul: bold, pushing those boundaries, living a life out on the edge of what’s considered normal. You can’t argue with the results. This guy went to a synagogue and turned people’s brains inside out for three months. That’s a lot of intensity and consistency wrapped up. Then when he was dissatisfied with the results, he just straight up LEFT to go do it again somewhere else. You thought three months was intense? He carried on for two YEARS. Wild man.

Sometimes God works through very bold people to make things happen. Maybe that’s you, and you need to step out. Be bold. Move the needle.

Author: Jordan Ambra